21 Day Trial - Being a Vegetarian / Results and What I Learned



  • My skin is clear af. The first week or so I did break out pretty badly because of my body was in detox mode and all the toxins were being released through my face. But after that I was glowing!


  • I have hella energy. Before I started this challenge I was always sleepy throughout the whole day even after a good night's rest. Now the food I eat gives me energy to push through the day.


  • My stomach is on flat flat. Meat and processed food make me bloat to the extreme.(everyone’s body is different) By the second week of the challenge I could really see the difference and this didn’t include me working out. I also lost around 8 pounds during this time.


  • Brain is on 100. Everyone has brain farts but my brain farts were on a different level before. But now I have a clearer head space. I am less forgetful and very mindul of the things I do and say.


What I Learned:


  • Being a vegetarian is not difficult

  • You can do anything you set your mind to do

  • Try new things that will improve your health

  • It’s never too late to make positive changes

  • Discipline is key

  • Do research!

  • Learn what your body doesn’t like and adjust accordingly


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