21 Day Trial - No Processed Foods for 40 days

This challenge was by far the hardest so far. I actually extended my time from 21 days to the whole duration of Lent (40 days or so). If you know me then you know I am a snacker. I love chips, crackers, bars, and basically anything that comes in a box that is salty. Before doing this challenge I would pack so many snacks for work because I THOUGHT I needed them. My logic was that without my lunch full of goodies I would be hungry and grumpy! Once finishing this challenge I was proven to be very wrong. Here’s a breakdown of how things went:



1.  No overly processed foods: chips, crackers, granola bars. Breakfast burritos, etc.

2. All of my meals and snacks must be homemade or freshly made (restaurants) - no frozen meals

3.  If I do eat something packaged it must have 6 or fewer ingredients in it

4. Still can eat popcorn, because sis I’m still human

5. One cheat meal, which is usually at a restaurant




**A couple of days before I was eating very wild and living a fast life lol. I had chips, cookies, fries, pizza, mac n cheese, etc..

So during this week, I felt pretty clueless about the whole situation. I didn’t know how what snacks to pack or how was I was going to survive ALL day without chips. I went to the internet for recipes for homemade snacks of some of my favorites. From there I started to make my own granola bars (recipe coming soon). Life didn’t seem so hard after having one of my favorites on hand.




During week one I didn’t go to the gym. I just recently got a second job so I was trying to get into the flow of things. But during week 2 I got this sudden rush of energy. I felt motivated to go harder in the gym. I felt like since my eating habits were getting more discipline then so should my workout habits. I dedicated going to the gym or working out at home 4-5 times a week.

During week three I was at my peak



During week 4, mother nature popped up like hey sis. I was actually pretty excited about this because my hormones were balancing out from the previous months of lack of self-care, poor diet and exercise. I could tell my body was loving the new and fresh changes.

Also during week 4 was a struggle because I didn’t really make time for meal prep. Do you know how hard life is when your lunch is trash and can’t do anything thing about it when it’s time to eat it? EXTREMELY HARD! During this time I really wanted to give up and take the easy way out but I decided to push thruuuu.




During week five I started to feel my confidence rising again because I started to see results! A large was slowing turning into a medium when I would try on clothes. My old clothes were being much looser and better fitted. Some people around me even started to notice. I was hype and still hard!



The last and final week was a breeze! I was very disciplined and told myself slipping up was not an option. I truly listened to my body and studied what makes me bloated or sick. My stamina was improving and I was enjoying going to the gym. My mental health was also better! I started to meditate and practice yoga more. I truly felt my mind open up during this process, my thoughts were cleaner.



  1. Snacking on junk can cause you to overeat and gain unwanted weight 

  2. It’s so many unnecessary ingredients in processed foods that should be avoided

  3. Moderation is key

  4. Discipline will take you far

  5. Challenging yourself in healthy will do wonders for your mental health

  6. Nutrition 80% / Gym 20%

  7. Practice what you preach


Overall I have decided to continue to eat very clean and workout at least 4-5 days a week. I have been down this road before and know what my body is capable of. I’m very excited to see the changes my body!


Before and After pictures! 

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