17 Things to Leave Behind in 2017

Woooo it’s almost time for 2018. I get excited about the new year because it’s basically like a reset button to me. I  get to reflect at the end of the year, which always hypes me up because it allows me to see how can I become a better me for the next year. This list basically displays what is truly holding me back from achieving my full potential (I basically was attacking myself). I know this will be helpful to a lot of people. Getting our shit together in 2018 will be amazing! 

1. Fear
Fear can really control your whole life if you allow it to. Stop letting it take your joy away or trying/doing new things. 

2. Self-Doubt
Self-doubt is all about not believing in yourself. You must be your own biggest fan. When you don’t believe in yourself it’s hard for others to do so.  

3. Procrastination
Stop putting off things until the last minute or not even doing it all. You’re setting yourself self up for failure when you don’t even try or half-ass something. 

4. Comparing Yourself to Others
Everyone is on their own journey, focus on yourself and stay in your lane.

5. Making the Same Mistakes
Stop making the same mistakes that you know are not beneficial to you. It is pointless and you are wasting your time. 

6. Not Putting Yourself First
Make sure to always practice self-care and self-love. Don’t spread yourself so thin that you are not taking care of yourself. 

7. Inconsistency
THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS CONSISTENCY. Greatness doesn't happen overnight. Be consistent with everything in your life. 

8. Toxic Relationships
Stop letting people control your well being. You have to power to leave any situation that doesn’t make you happy. 

9. Toxic Habits
Unlearn toxic habits that you know are not good for you. Take baby steps and go at your own pace. 

10. Regrets
Stop regretting shit you didn’t do and make that shit happen in 2018. Stop tearing yourself down so much. 

11. Indecisiveness
Start knowing what you want and how you want it. From there make a plan a plan and act on it!

12. Comfort Zones
Explore. Try new things. Do something every day that makes you uncomfortable in order to become a better you.

13. Saying but Not Doing
Don’t say your gonna do something and not do it. Hold yourself accountable. 

14. Clutter
Clear your spaces. This includes clutter in your home, social life, phone, friends, etc.

15. Negavity
Start thinking of yourself in a positive light. We are our own biggest bullies. 

16. Financial Irresponsibility
Start saving. Build your credit score. Stop trying to keep up with a lifestyle that is affordable for you. 

17. Ignorance
Educate yourself daily and spread the knowledge that you have learned. 

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