5 Simple Ways to Achieve Your GOALS

1. Write them down

Get out a piece of paper and start writing down your wildest dreams and desires. When your dreams and goals are just in your head and you don’t write them out, that’s where they will exactly stay, in your head. Writing down your goals fires up your subconscious to believe that you already have achieved them. So write them down right now!

2. Be clear about your goals

If you say you want to lose weight but don’t attach a certain amount or goal weight you are setting yourself up for failure. Words are very powerful, so you must be precise about everything that you desire. For example, if you say “I want to lose 10 pounds” you now have a goal point that you want to reach. Therefore, you will work harder and possibly faster to achieve your goal.

3. Create a vision or mood board

“Seeing is believing.” Personally, I love vision/mood boards because they work! Visualization is a special gift that everyone has. The way to make a vision board is to really think about how each image/word makes you feel. Now every time you see that image, you will want to instantly gain that feeling associated with it.


A dream without action is merely just a dream. If you want to achieve any goal you must to put in the WORK. The outcome of your life is up to you. Create a game plan for each goal so it will be easier to follow through each goal.

5. Be Consistent

Being consistent is a very important ingredient for success. It’s all about committing to yourself and goals to get things done. It is a way to be present at the moment while having an end goal in mind. While being consistent you make better habits for yourself that will improve your life and aid in achieving your goals faster. You get to really know yourself while being consistent. Simple things like adjusting to circumstances you like or don’t like, testing your limits and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

I really hope these tips help you achieve your goals so that you living the life you have always desired!

Cierra PittsComment