4 Easy Ways to Take Control Over Your Health Today

1. Listen to your body.

Many people even myself forget to listen to our bodies. For example sometimes I think I am superwoman and can run around day and night and not get the proper rest or eating properly. Meanwhile my body is like sis RELAX. Take time to really listen to your body instead of ignoring the signs. Slow down and take it easy.


2. Plan Plan Plan

Planning is a major role in health. From what you eat to your sleeping schedule. If you don’t plan out your meals you will probably end up eating junk all day long. If you don’t plan out when you are going to the gym you will most likely put it off the everytime. A nice start would be planning out your meals. Pinterest is a good way to look up healthy meal prep ideas to get you inspired. When you hold yourself accountable you are more likely to not let yourself down.


3. Go to bed

IDK who came up with this whole “I’ll sleep when I die” nonsense but it is a joke. When you don’t get enough rest you body will not function properly. You will be more prone different medical conditions, such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Pretty scary, right? The average adult should receive about 7-9 hours of sleep a day. Create a night routine and a sleeping schedule so you can catch all the ZZZs.


4. Relax

A lot of us have a lot of built of tension. We get mad over the smallest things. Rather it be traffic or someone being rude to you. Stress and anger has major side effects on your body. It can affect your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Constant stress can lead to long time health issues. You can take control over your stress by doing breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation.


So starting today, take the necessary steps to take control over your health. I promise you won’t regret it!

Cierra PittsComment