3 Ways to Deal With Negative People

1. Understand it’s THEM not you

Often when people are negative, they have deeper rooted issues that have nothing to do with you. It can be emotional trauma from their childhood or the past/current relationships. People handle their emotions differently and tend to react in a negative way. Always try and understand that you have no effect on this and should not take it personally. Let go of the idea that you can change the negative ways of someone.

2. Stay Positive

When people are rude or negative it really makes me uncomfortable. For example when someone is bashing someone that I like, which is awkward af.  I like to throw a positive comment about to person to make the conversation less intense. Think of the glass half full when dealing with people like this. Being around negative people can really drain your energy and make you turn into a negative person. If you must be around a negative person constantly keep the conversation short and positive.

3. Protect Your Energy

Negative people are hella draining. Whether it be constantly complaining about things that they have no interest in changing, downing your dreams or ideas with no positive feedback or assistance, or even saying crazy and uncomfortable things. Stay very far away from these people if you can. If you can't-do that set healthy boundaries and limits. You have the power not to deal with these things. Also, create some type of self-care routine so you don’t feel constantly drained.


Sometimes we might be the negative person. If so evaluate your emotions and discover what’s the cause. Your emotions are valid and deserve the proper care. Then stop attacking those that care about you. Seek ways to become a more positive person. It will take time and will not happen overtime night but it overall improve all areas of your life.


Cierra PittsComment