5 Ways to Heal from a Toxic Relationship

Toxic relationships can take a toll on your overall health. Whether it is from your significant other, friends, or even family members it is not healthy to be surrounded by people that make you feel unworthy. I have had my own dealings with toxic relationships. When I was around them I didn’t feel like myself. It was bad vibes basically all of the time. I would occasionally question myself if I’m doing things to please them or myself. I was giving my all and receiving little in return back or being constantly manipulated. I was unhappy and uncomfortable. But on the bright side, I’m here to tell you that you can heal from toxic relationships! It will not happen overnight but when you start to consistently take the necessary steps to change it will be awesome af. 

1. Reclaiming Your Time
Start using all that time and energy you were putting in the relationship and put it back into your life. Start doing things that you love to do or even find a new hobby. Spend some necessary alone time that you have been craving. Catch up with your friends and family. Go hard school or your career. Anything you want to do, do it! Don't forget to put all energy into it. Get busy!

2. Heal on the inside
Start taking care of your body. Maybe you picked up a bad habit from that person or group and it really has taken a toll on your body, this is the best time to reverse it. Working out really can clear your mind and thoughts. Try to challenge yourself by sticking to a certain meal plan or workout routine. Check out my post where I give the 4 essentials to a healthy lifestyle.

3. Get Emotional
Okay, this is my favorite part because I’m a Cancer but let your emotions soar. You basically need to go through the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. This process will be different for everyone. Personally, I go through these stages pretty quickly because I’m so eager for a fresh start. But take your time until you are fully healed, you are on your own journey. A journal will be helpful in this process. 

4. Forgive
Every time someone hurts me I forgive them before they can even apologize. I am the type of person to forgive but never FORGET. Forgiving them mainly helps yourself. You don’t you constantly have to think about it if you don't wait on the person to aplogize. 

5.  Don’t be afraid to trust and love again
I see this a lot with my generation when we are hurt we tend to shut down from love and stop exploring new relationships. Every time I leave a toxic relationship or situation, I learn something about myself. Rather I need to control my anger or realizing how I want and deserve to be treated. Opening up to new people allows you to grow and understand how to spot red flags in people earlier on. 

Remember you have to power to leave any situation that makes you feel uncomfortable and blossom into the amazing person that you are.  

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